Quit Smoking

Smoking is one of the largest causes of death in the UK and nicotine addiction can be incredibly tough to kick. Many people find themselves wanting to quit but unable to stop themselves smoking every day. At Sunset Hypnotherapy, we want to help bring you the tools and resources to assist you in quitting smoking for good.

Statistic show that 1 in 5 people are smokers, which equates to approximately 21% of the population. According to government statistics, a total of 240,000 people give up smoking each year in the UK so it must be doable. You can think of the cigarette cravings in the same way: the part of your brain that wants to smoke will try everything it can to make you have that cigarette, but you need to say ‘no’ and stick to your guns.

A lot of independent scientific researchers have established that only around 10% of the addiction to cigarettes is physical – approximately 90% is actually psychological, which is why you are able to refrain for long periods when you know you can’t smoke, such as on long haul flights, in the cinema, when you sleep at night or in long meetings. This is one reason that clinical hypnotherapy can be so successful in helping to break the habit and quit smoking for good.

Whether you smoke e-cigarettes, vape, cigarettes or anything else, hypnotherapy may be able to help. Here at Sunset Hypnotherapy, our fully qualified hypnotherapist will help you build resilience and give you tools and strategies to help you deal with the urge to smoke.

Before you start working with us, we offer a free initial consultation in which we can discuss what you’re looking to achieve through our sessions. We ensure our pricing is completely transparent so you’re never hit with any surprises and you can focus on getting the most out of your treatment

If you think Sunset Hypnotherapy could help you fight your addiction, don’t hesitate to contact us for your free consultation. Find the freedom that comes with giving up smoking for good with our help.